New HVAC Systems For Charlotte Homes

Home Improvement: How HVAC Does It Work

HVAC Charlotte is the heart of all the systems of heat and air conditioning. These services are offered by HVAC companies in Charlotte and its suburbs. They are engaged by homeowners, commercial establishments, government agencies, and schools. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.


The systems of HVAC are set up to control internal climate conditions and provide comfort by helping users stay comfortable during the day and at night. As HVAC systems rely on power from the utility company, there are certain factors that need to be considered in selecting a good HVAC Charlotte service provider. Among these factors are the amount of energy the HVAC system needs, its size, purpose, and expected life span. In addition, HVAC systems can be of different types. It is therefore important to know how a certain system works before getting a system installed.


A heat pump is one of the most common HVAC equipment. This HVAC equipment takes in air from outside, heats it, and through its fan and blower transfers this heat into your home or office. Heat pumps work best in colder climates where warm air can be depleted quickly. Some heat pumps are solar powered, capable of cooling the air in hot weather and transferring it to the air conditioner or heater. Heat pumps also help to conserve energy.


Air-conditioning is another function of HVAC. Air-conditioning uses AC power to move liquid coolants through coils of evaporator tubes to heat or cool air. This HVAC process uses refrigerant gas with a lower boiling point than the air itself. In humid climates, AC operates using a fan that moves the cool air into your home. In dry climates, the AC is usually powered by water that circulates through a system of pipes and heat exchangers. Humid air can be dehumidified by running it through a dehumidifier.


Another common HVAC function is heat pump. Heat pump air conditioning uses heat from the sun or heating system to move air through a heat exchanger to heat or cool your home. You may have noticed the chilled water flowing out of the top of your air conditioner vents. This is heat pump air conditioning.


HVAC systems do not replace regular heating and cooling. Your home is always at risk for extreme weather events, so it’s wise to consider investing in an HVAC Charlotte Company. They will install any needed modifications to make your home comfortable.